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Who Are We?

A brief introduction

For most people mental health and addiction is a secret that they carry all their lives. Secrets like these can be harmful and can lead to depression, anxiety, flashbacks, and memory gaps, self-harm, nightmares, self-hate, further alcohol or drug abuse, and challenges within relationships. We live in a society where people are consistently faced with unanswered questions and constant re-directing, causing us to get lost in a cycle of demotivation with no help. As specialists in psychotherapy, we at Abstinence Housing and Support are able to assist those in need to reach their desired potential and move forward to live enriched lifestyles.

Here at Abstinence Support Services, we offer trained psychotherapists and counselors to guide you to success that will allow you to cope and move forward to a better life. We provide support to those in need, guidance coaches to ensure you achieve success and maintain stability in order to help accomplish all goals established. We offer all services in a professional non-judgmental environment that will empower you and assist you to move forward to a better life! We look forward to hearing from you!

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Why Choose Us?

Our agency is an exception in the fact that our trained staff comes to you with over 15 years of expertise in Psychotherapy, mental health and addictions. We provide a non-judgmental holistic approach and have the knowledge on programs and resources available to assist you on your journey towards a healthier mentality. It is our purpose to help people develop self-confidence – easing people into making healthier decisions and supporting your decisions.

Our services can come to you or you can come to us. We provide services in the privacy of your home when your loved ones are away and you feel alone and decide to turn to other alternatives to relieve life stresses. We are right there to lead you away and help you to make better choices. We will not tell you the road will be easy but we will tell you we will take the journey with you for as long as you need us.

Within our agency, our stories connect. We are building trust and influencing change. We encourage positive thinking to assist and help empower the development of personalized strategies and solutions, promoting healthy relationships and wellness in the victim and their families. Our program helps promote quality of life for individuals by overcoming fear and anxiety. We help ensure a healthy transition to independence, freedom and an empowered lifestyle. We never give up and we work for change. We do not brush anyone aside but we help you to that turn around point and reach your abilities. Our services provide long lasting therapy that you will use for the rest of your lives while we remain available for you anytime you feel it’s necessary. Our agency provides tools to equip you with success.

Our centers offer an array of evidenced based counseling techniques that have proven, successful results. We can address many of life’s challenging situations such as dealing with: Depression, Anxiety, Parenting, Temper Tantrums, Stress, Grief and Loss, Post Traumatic Stress, Bullying and Addiction.